Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks From iPhone 5?

"Mistakenly i have deleted one of the folder from safari bookmarks. Pls let me know how to restore\recover? appreciate your assistance, iPhone 5"

The above content was extracted from Apple community which is about that the user have deleted some safari bookmarks accidentally and he wanted to recover or restore them. At present, I just cannot make sure whether he had an iTunes or iCloud backup for those safari bookmarks. If he did, it is pretty convenient to restore those deleted safari bookmarks. So here, first I want to introduce how to restore deleted safari bookmarks from iPhone 5 if he had backup files.

In order to restore iPhone 5 deleted safari bookmarks, this user needs a third party software for help. As you may have know that there are dozens of such software and in our test, we found that iFonebox is pretty accurate and powerful in recovery function.

What is iFonebox?

iFonebox is a powerful and professional iOS data recovery, which can not only support to recover deleted data like contacts, messages, notes and other data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, but extract data like safari bookmarks, voice memos, photos, videos and more from iTunes or iCloud backup for your iPhone. Plus, iFonebox can be used to transfer the recovered notes and contacts to your iPhone or other iOS devices directly. Quite functional. Well done.

How to restore deleted safari bookmarks from iPhone 5?

The first thing you need to do is to download and install iFonebox. Two versions are available: Windows version and Mac version. Besides, you can try the free version in advance.

Next are 1-2-3 steps for you to follow:

  • Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup. 
  • Scan iTunes data. iFonebox will start scanning data from iTunes backup.
  • Preview and select before restore. After scanning, you can preview and select the deleted safari bookmarks to restore. 

This is the whole process of restoring deleted safari bookmarks from iTunes backup.

Notes: if you have iCloud backup files for those safari bookmarks, you can also choose Recover from iCloud Backup in the first step.

With iFonebox, to restore deleted safari bookmarks from iPhone 5 is as easy as a pie. But you still need to realize the importance of backup your iPhone frequently.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Methods To Remove Apple Watch App From Your iPhone Home Screen

"Apple does it again. Installed iWatch app without my permission during upgrade to iOS8.2. Didn't they learn from the last debacle with the unwanted music album? How do I get rid of it?" 

iOS 8.2 was released last week. This time, iOS 8.2 comes with the wearable Apple Watch, in other words, iOS 8.2 will make a platform for the upcoming iWatch device, hence, once you update to iOS 8.2, the Apple Watch app will be on your iPhone home screen. If you don't need it, it is pretty annoying to have such a useless app. Here, methods are introduced to help you delete the iWatch app from your iPhone.
You cannot totally delete the Apple Watch app from your iPhone, but you can hide it without sticking it in the back of a folder. This is not the most perfect solution for you will see the Apple Watch app listed in Spotlight search, but it appears to be a small app so it shouldn't push too many users over the edge if available storage.
Now here is a video to help you hide the iWatch app:
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